My research projects are focused on the analysis of biological rhythms, model estimation algorithms, qualitative reasoning for continuous-time dynamical systems, the utilization of dynamical systems theory to analyze and reduce complex neuroscience models, and software for neuroinformatics.

Introductions to some of these topic areas can be found at the following links to Wikipedia and Scholarpedia: computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, phase response curves (general oscillators), phase response curves (neural dynamics) and neuronal parameter optimization.

These new pages are under construction. In the meantime, you may also like to visit my old pages.

Student publishing (Dec '11)

My recent graduate class called Introduction to Modeling (NEUR 8790) published a guide accompanying the GSU Biology seminar given by Dr. Carson Chow in December 2011. More details here.

Conference organizing (May '11)
I co-organized a minisymposium on "Multi-level Modeling of Dynamical Systems" at the SIAM Dynamical Systems 2011 meeting in Snowbird, UT, featuring Yannis Kevrekidis, Steve Cox, and Alona Ben-Tal.

GSU grant awards (Summer '11)

I received an URSA Research Initiation Grant as co-PI with Drs. Iman Chahine (CoE) and Mark Grinshpon (Math and Stats) to research the roles of pre-calculus preparation in Calculus I teaching.

I was also awarded a Brains and Behavior Seed Grant as co-PI with Drs. Brad Cooke in the NI and Steve Potter at Georgia Tech, to study sex differences in Micro-Electrode Array preparations of neural cultures.